The last week has brought many rain showers and thunderstorms to the region as a low pressure system works it’s way up to the NE. It hasn’t kept my spirits down as I’ve often kept paddling through the rain for about 20-30 miles each day.

On a water stop in Portsmouth, Ohio on the Scioto River, Joe, Commodore of the Boat Club offered me a golf cart tour of the city mural on the backside of the floodwall. To my surprise an excellent nearly 3d portrayal of the cities history from first nation inhabitants to today was painted along the sections of floodwall in vibrant colors and true faces. Who knew this was home to Roy Rogers among with many notable baseball stars and the nation’s first motorcycle club 1893. With and gifted can of coke, I sat back as Joe drove me around the side streets and pointed out historic spots and buildings. The whole visit was maybe 10 minutes but a great break from paddling.

This other guy’s flag collection had everything from a rebel flag to a rasta flag.

A spot to stash my sponge not only keeps knee from sunburn but dries sponge.

I ran into a few boats from Living Lands and Waters near Morgantown, WV. The group picks up trash and tires along the waterways of America and had a really neat setup with barge living space and materials barge with recyclable items. Some excellent cleanup work and maybe a possible place to hang my hat in the future?

Found this Minnie Mouse floating down the river so redirected her to a trash can.

Just knocking out the miles and stopping in small towns for water, wifi and food. Life is simple and even more so on the rivers. Still floating along and now over 500 miles paddled in less than a month.


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