The upper Mon was quite a peaceful paddle. After passing Morgantown, things become decidedly more commercial with fueling docks, coal power plants and tows heading up and down. On the weekends, recreational boats ply the waters and send up wakes, jet skis roar by and zig zagging tubers dance about the water. Respites from the sun come by way of old railroad tunnels and shade beneath bridges and overhanging vegetation.

A wild and wonderful WV unicorn!

Below, the old Stern wheelers have mostly been retired but I spotted this one at the old Lock on the Mon. While passing through Pittsburgh I saw a restored and modernized Stern wheeler being used as a pleasure craft. What a sound that wheel makes thwack-thwacing.

The camping has been easy with my hammock, each night finding a new spot along the river and pulling the boat high enough to keep from tow wakes getting it. The Mon was a real treat to paddle and relaxing. It took me about 7 days to go from Fairmont to Pittsburgh as the weather was dry and sunny and days long.


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